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# Faculty Project Title Objective Date of Award Sponsring Agency Budget Duration
1 Dr. Pratibha Burghate Synthesis and Physiochemical study of thin film of Polymer composites The aim of the project is to identify & understand chemical and physical interactions and interfacial process that govern the formation of thin films and 2& 3 dimensional assemblies of ordered nanoparticle system. 09-04-2013 UGC 135000 2 years
2 Dr. Rashmi Urkude Studies on evaluation of pesticidal properties of indigenous herbs To evaluate pesticidal properties of plants available in India leads to ecofreindly pesticides. 21-11-2009 U.G.C. 143000 2 Years
3 Dr. Ramdas Khope Removal of some toxic metals from aqueous solution using granular activated carbon Manganese is present in water supplies as a result of natural processes.Excessive concentration of Mn2+ in drinking water causes toxic effect In present project Mn2+ was removed using readily available Granular activated carbons of different surface area.The organic ligands were used to modify the surface area so as to enhanced the adsorptive capacities of GAC.enhanced by loading organic complexing agent on their 29/2/2008 UGC 40000 2 years
4 Dr. Reshal Deshmukh Synthesis of some new Oximes and their antimicrobial activity The synthesised Oximes have various bioactivities which render them valuable active ingredients of medicine and plant protecting agent. 2011-2012 UGC 64000 Two Years from sanction.

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