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Book Name: "Pteridophyta & Gymnosperms" B.Sc. Sem-II Botany Paper-I

Description: The preparation of this book was promoted by increasing need of students and teachers to bring together in a concise and comprehensive form description of book ‘Pteridophyta & Gymnosperms’ B.Sc. Semester II for students. This book covers syllabus prescribed by RTM Nagpur University. General characters, classification and economic importance are provided for each plant group. This is followed by morphology, anatomy, reproduction and life cycle of each genera. Description is given for every topic in each chapter in simple points, so that it is easy for the students to memorize. The text is supported by well labeled and clear diagrams. An attempt has been made to make the book student friendly so that they find easier to assimilate and understand the fundamentals of these two fascinating group of plants. Question bank, as per the examination marking scheme is included, Comprehensive glossary of important terms is appended.

Author: Dr. Rupali Mahakhode

Publlication: G.C. Publications ISSN No. 978-93-82962-24-4

Edition: 1st Edition 2013

Book Name: A Text Book of Botany

Description: This book consists of Morphology, Taxonomy, Embryology, Palynology and Anatomy.The present text book is written with specific aims and objectives of introducing comprehensive study of Angiosperms.Sincere efforts have been made to present the subject matter in a concise , compact and lucid style.Use of diagrams have been made for clarity. As far as possible every chapter is written in simple , easy and self understandable language. The author is extremely grateful to other authors and publishers whose books have been consulted in the preparation of this book.

Author: Prof R N Deshmukh and Dr S K Giri

Publlication: Nirali Prakashan, Pune

Edition: 1st Edition (1999)

Book Name: Paleobotany and Morphology of Angiosperms

Description: The book contain point wise information to present the subject as per Nagpur univ.syllabus in simple and lucid language with illustrations and well labelled diagram.

Author: Dr. Punita Tiwari, S P Dakhore, Dr. v.y.Charjan

Publlication: Rajani Prakashan

Edition: 1st Edition, ISBN No. 978-93-83619-10-8

Book Name: Textbook of Botany B.Sc. Final Semester-V For Paper-I

Description: Biochemistry and Plant Physiology

Author: Dr. S. K. Giri and Dr. R. N. Deshmukh

Publlication: G.C. Publication, Nagpur

Edition: 1st Edition 2015

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