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About department

The Department of geology was established in the year 1984. It provides teaching facilities for B. Sc. Geology with subject combinations PCG, CGM, and CBG. The department introduced UGC Sanctioned Career Oriented Add on course: Certificate, Diploma in “Groundwater exploration” under Hydrogeology.

The Department offers Consultancy services in Groundwater Exploration, Water analysis and Geotechnical Investigations.

Ten Students have been awarded Ph.D. under the Supervision of Staff of this college by SGBAU Amravati University and RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.

The Department undertakes different activities every year under the banner of Geological Society. Primary monitoring is that of Guest lectures, Field Excursion, Visit to Different Organizations and magazine competition etc. They provide counseling and guidance for further studies and various competitive examinations to the interested students. They allot assignments; Projects and Seminar to the students based on topics related to geology. Students are encouraged to participate in these activities so as to help them to build their personality. The former Head of the department was Dr.Sunil P Khadse. Other earlier heads were Dr. K.C Shah, Dr. D.B Malpe and Mr. Nikhade.

Course introduction

Geology involves the study of following disciplines: Introduction to Geology, Mineralogy, Physical Geology, General Geology, Optical mineralogy, Crystallography, Igneous Petrology, Sedimentary Petrology, Metamorphic Petrology, Paleontology, Structural Geology, Economic Geology, Indian Stratigraphy, Elements of Remote Sensing, Environmental Geology, Elementary Hydrogeology, Geomorphology.

Department features

  1. Geology museum.
  2. 2D, 3D crystallographic structures, geological wooden models, charts-maps, aerial photographs-satellite imageries.
  3. National/ International Journals, Geological magazines, exceptional quality Field excursion reports.
  4. UGC sponsored COC courses in Groundwater Exploration.
  5. Audio-visual laboratory.
  6. Departmental field excursion and Institutional visits.
  7. MCQ type Class tests for IIT JAM exam preparation.
  8. Providing E-library and B.Sc geology study material through Google drive platform.
  9. Providing IIT JAM examination questions with solved answer and reasoning from 2005 till date.

Activities of the Department

  1. Organization of Long and short Field Excursions.
  2. Organization of Guest Lectures and Class presentations.
  3. Organizational visit to Related Organizations.
  4. Establishment of Geological Society.
  5. Organization of Geofest.
  6. Annual Wall-magazine competition.
  7. Career oriented courses.

Programmes offered

Sr no. Programme name Degree/ diploma/ certificate Aided/ self-financed Year of starting Intake
1. B. Sc course Degree Aided 1984 FY-74, SY-76, TY-69
2. Certificate in Hydrogeology Certificate Self-financed 2017 20
3. Diploma in Hydrogeology Diploma Self-financed 2017 20

Faculty details

Sr no. Faculty name Designation Qualifications
1. Ms. P. B. Zamarkar Asst. Professor  M. Sc Geology (SET)
2. Ms. A. D. Fuladi Asst. Professor  M. Sc Geology (SET)


Support staff

Sr no Staff name Designation
1. Mr. D.G. Fuke Lab attendant
2. Mr. D.R. Raut Lab attendant


Student achievements

Four students from B.Sc final year have qualified IIT-JAM exam 2018 for Geology wherein Mr. Prateek Fulkar secured AIR-205 (IIT-Powai), Mr. Farhan Siddiqui secured AIR-225, Ku. Naina Gautam secured AIR-249 and Mr. Chetan Kinkar secured AIR-268.

Seven students qualified IIT-JAM exam 2019 for Geology wherein Mr. Chetan Kinkar secured AIR-85 (IIT-Kharagpur), Ku. Aakanksha Borkar secured AIR-406, Ku. Prarthana Somkuwar secured AIR-437 (NIT-Rourkela) and Ku. Pratiksha Wankhede secured AIR-510, Ku. Ashapurna Adhikari secured AIR-538, Ku. Riya Ghodmare secured AIR-678 and Mr. Gaurav Meshram secured AIR-1003.

Illustrious alumni

Sr. no. Name of the Alumni Year of Passing Designation Institute/Organisation
1 Dr. Satish Sangode 1987 Scientist "E" grade Presently Professor, Department of Geology, Poona University, Pune
2 Prashant Deshpande 1987 Asst. Mine Manager Sidddhi Cement, Veraval, Gujarat
3 Dharmendra Manke 1987 Sr. Geologist Oil &Natural Gas Commission (ONGC), Silcher
4 Anand Sakalkar 1987 Geologist ROLTA INDIA, Pune
5 Ajay Kadu 1987 Consultant Hydrogeologist "Avani "Consultancy,
6 Ms. Varsha Aglawe 1987 Sr. Geologist Geological Survey of India(G.S.I.), Nagpur
7 Abhudaya D. Meghe 1987 Officer on Special Duty Smt. Radhikabai Meghe, Medical College, Sawangi Meghe, Wardha District (M.S.)
8 S.K. Shami 1987 Jr Mineral Economist Indian Bureau of Mines, Nagpur
9 Shri Ravi Bhoyar 1987 Advocate Nagpur
10 D.C. Karokar 1988 Lecturer in Botany Shivaji Science College, Nagpur
11 Shrivallbh Kothe 1988 Consultant Hydrogeologist “GeoEnviro Management Services (GEMS)” NGO group Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur
12 Shantanu Puranik 1988 Consultant Hydrogeologist “GEMS” NGO group
13 Sanjay Parulkar 1988 Geologist ONGC, Bombay High
14 Ajay Deshpande 1988 Scientist Maharashtra Remote Sensing & Application Center (MRSAC), Nagpur
15 Sanjeev Verma 1989 Scientist MRSAC, Nagpur
16 Sachin Yete 1989 Water proofing Consultant Laxminagar, Nagpur
17 V.K. Pakhmode 1990 Sr. Hydrogeologist Groundwater Survey and Development Agency, Hingoli
18 Devendra Mahajan 1990 Hydrogeologist Sahara India, Lonawala
19 Kshitij Adyalkar 1990 Entrepreneur Bajajnagar, Nagpur
20 A.D. Naik 1991 Computer Consultant USA
21 H.W. Khandare 1991 Lecturer R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
22 Dr Anil M. Pophare 1991 Professor P G Department of Geology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
23 Ms. Rekha Bodhankar 1991 Geologist Groundwater Survey & Development Agency (GSDA), Nagpur
24 Sunil Kulkarni 1991 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Vankvoor, Canada
25 Jaya Shende 1991 Sr. Technical Asstt. GSI, Nagpur
26 R.H. Chavan 1991 Jr. Geologist GSI, Nagpur
27 J.B. Bhagat 1991 Geologist ONGC, Bombay High
28 Shri Pramod Adhau 1992 Jr. Geologist G.S.I.
29 Anup Fartode 1992 Lecturer in chemistry KDK Engineering College, Nagpur
30 Appulingam Shriram 1992 Geologist NABARD, Patna, Bihar
31 R.S.Waghmare 1992 Jr. Hydrogeologist CGWB, Nagpur
32 V.D. Doifode 1993 Lecturer Bhalerao College of Science, Saoner
33 Kirtikumar Randive 1993 Lecturer Postgraduate Department of Geology, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur
34 D.M. Kolte 1993 Sr Resource Scientist MRSAC, Nagpur
35 Anurag Chitale 1994 Geologist Mumbai
36 V.M. Mendhe 1994 Scientist Watershed and Land Management, CMRI, Dhanbad-826 001
37 D.M.Admane 1994 Civil Contractor Private operation
38 P.R.Lamsonge 1995 Jr. Hydrogeologist CGWB, Nagpur
39 A.D.Selokar 1995 Technical Asst. Indian Buraue of Mines (I.B.M.), Bhubaneshwar
40 P.T. Ilamkar 1995 Asstt. Geologist Geotechnical Division, G.S.I. Nagpur
41 V.V. Sakhare 1995 Geologist Atomic Mineral Division (AMD) Hydrabad
42 S.C. Khapare 1995 Geologist ROLTA INDIA, Mumbai
43 N.M.Labhane 1995 Lecturer Mumbai
44 A.Y. Saraf 1995 Lecturer Mumbai
45 Amit Kesarwani 1995   USA
46 Vivek Shukla 1995 Mktg. Manager BPL Mobil, Mumbai
47 Ms. S. Malini 1996 Geologist Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Ahemadabad
48 A.K. Phadke 1996 Mktg. Geologist BELL Ceramics Nagpur
49 Umesh Balpande 1996 Jr. Hydrogeologist CGWB, Kangda H.P.
50 Nilesh Khandekar 1996 Asstt. Commandant Border Security Force
51 Milind Somkule 1996 Sub-Inspector Border Security Force
52 Vaibhav Lokhande 1996 Asstt. Admn. Officer Loksabha
53 Sanjay Kachhap 1996   Tata Consultancy Services
54 Kartik P .Dongare 1996 Scientist 'B' CGWB, Dehradun
55 Lambat AP 1996 Lecturer Sevadal Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur
56 Nitin Fating 1997 Computer Consultant Nagpur
57 Jaideep Indhankar 1997 Geologist ONGC, Bombay High
58 Abhay Varade 1997 Lecturer P.G.T.D. in Geology, R.T.M. Nagpur University.,Nagpur
59 V.D. Nawale 1997 Entrepreneur  
60 Abhijeet Zade 1998 Geologist Geoservices International, Singapur
61 Amol Nakhale 1998 Geologist Geoservices International, Singapur
62 Mandar Kurhekar 1998 Geologist  
63 Sumedh Humane 1998 Lecturer Post graduate teaching department of Geology, R.T.M. Nagpur University
64 Ms. M.M. Maraskolhe 1998 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
65 Ms. B.S. Meshram 1998 Lecturer Sheelapuri B.Ed.College, Wadi, Nagpur
66 Ms. Spana B. Mohod 1998 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
67 Ms. Shilpa Kulkarni 1999 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
68 Ms. Gayatri Karare 1999 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
69 Sarang V. Mule 1999 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
70 Ms. Mrunalini O. Lokhande 1999 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
71 B. S. Tiwari 2000 CRPF Force No.015211732, GC CRPF, Jharoda Kalan, New Delhi
72 M.S. Choudhari 2000 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
73 Nischal Wanjari 2000 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
74 Ms. H.A. Joshi 2000 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
75 Ms. Ishdaya P. Ghodeswar 2000 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
76 Ku Mamata Pande 2000 Project Fellow RRSSC, Nagpur
77 Ms. Madhuri S. Ukey 2000 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
78 Kunal Ingle 2001 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
79 Vaibhav Patki 2001 Chemist Asian Paints
80 Lalit B. Waikar 2001 Jr. Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
81 Parag Malviya 2001 Sales Executive Idea Cellular
82 Vijay Jamanpuri 2001 Geologist ROLTA INDIA, Pune
83 Parijat Roy 2002 Research Fellow N.G.R.I., Hyderabad
84 P.R. Sahare 2002 Project Coordinator / Regional Head , Nagpur Center Palm Consultants 48, Vinayak Apartment, Hill Road , Gokulpeth, Nagpur
85 Ku Saroj D. Ramteke 2002 Image analyst Genesis Computers, Nagpur
86 Rohan D. Ramteke 2002 Geologist ROLTA INDIA, Pune
87 Nilesh L. Maske 2002 Geologist J.B. Mining, Tranzania
88 Pramod N. Meshram 2002 Geologist Geotech, Nagpur
89 Anis H. Khan 2002 Image analyst Data Code, Nagpur
90 Vishal Aloni 2003 Geologist Panna Diamond Mine
91 Dinesh S. Meshram 2003 Image analyst Genesis Computers, Nagpur
92 Ku S.B. Nannaware 2003 Image analyst Genesis Computers, Nagpur
93 Ku Swati B. Kolhe 2003 Image analyst Genesis Computers, Nagpur
94 Ku Trina Royburman 2003 Project Fellow RRSSC, Nagpur
95 Atul R. Raut 2003 Geologist Oil Field Instrumentation, Mumbai
96 Ms. Aneeta J. Patil 2005 Jr.Hydrogeologist G.S.D.A.
97 Amit K. Rajput 2005 Geologist Oil Field Instrumentation, Mumbai
98 Sachin R. Dhurat 2005 Geologist Oil Field Instrumentation, Mumbai
99. Prasad S. Hastak 2005 Geologist Oil Field Instrumentation, Mumbai
100. Priya Pisal 2014 Geologist GSI, Jaipur
101. Harshawardhini Pantawane 2014 Geologist GSI, Gandhinagar
102. Prafulla Vairagade 2012 Geologist GSI, Raipur
103. Sayelli Tembhurne 2013 Hydrogeologist CGWB, Jaipur

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